About us


Outside the Box, as our name suggests, is about thinking and doing things a bit differently...and sometimes doing some very different things. We are:


Adults and young people with a learning disability are at the heart of what we do. They are our ‘members’ and a critical part of the overall Outside the Box Team. We work with our members, their parents, carers, and others involved in their lives; to help them to progress, achieve their goals and full potential. Click here for more information on members


Volunteers play a crucial role in the operation of Outside the Box. From helping in the café kitchen, serving customers, supporting members to working on the allotment, running a youth group and helping with our design, marketing and administration, volunteers give generously of their time, skills and expertise. Click here for more information on volunteering


Outside the Box is run by Ilkley Community Enterprise Ltd. We are a registered charity that is committed to community action and to supporting people who have a learning disability. We operate as a business (otherwise we wouldn’t still be here) but also as a charity and social enterprise so we re-invest any profits we make back into Outside the Box and our local community.